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                Guanghan Flight College of Civil Aviation Flight University of China is located in the beautiful and fertile Chengdu Plain, close to the world -famous Sanxingdui and adjourning to the headquarter of CAFUC. It is a base of advance trainer flight training and general aviation operation. At present, the Flight College has Primary Intermediate and advanced trainers of three types, an independent training airfield with the sophisticated facilities. Since established, it has been bringing up more than 5,000 pilots for air force Of China and Civil Aviation. Among them, Du Fengrui a well-known hero, Yang Yuanyuan, the Central Committee of the Communist Party of China commissioner and the Chief Director of CAAC, are two of the outstanding graduates. Meanwhile, the Flight College has trained some pilots for the countries of Viet Nam, Cambodia and so on.

                With a glorious history and fine tradition, the Flight College has a teaching faculty with firm political stand, strict working style and excellent technique and has created honorable achievement of 40 years of safe flight. Thirty of them have got the encouragement from CAAC and provincial department, more than fifty flight instructors have the honor to win the "exploitive pilot" medals, golden medals, silver medals and bronze medals awarded by CAAC. For these, the Flight College has been awarded "National Safe Flight Model Unit " by State Department , "National Learning Lei Feng Advanced Group", and was awarded "Advanced Party Organization in Grassroots" by CAAC Party Committee, "Advanced Organization of Construction of Ideological and Political Work" of higher educational institutions of the province, the provincial "Pattern Unit" of comprehensive management and was awarded "Home of Model Employee" by CAAC.

                Fight Instructors in Guanghan Flight College ( July , 2006)

                First-grade Flight Instructor: two
                Second-grade Flight Instructor: twenty-seven
                Third-grade Flight Instructor: fourteen
                Probation Flight Instructor: fourteen
                Flight instructor who was awarded with the title of "Meritorious Pilot": eleven
                Flight instructor who was awarded with gold medal for safe flight: seven
                Flight instructor who was awarded with silver medal for safe flight: three
                Flight instructor who was awarded with bronze medal for safe flight: five