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                • School of Dentistry building
                • Students in Simulation Lab
                • Clinic patient


                Modern Educational Technology Center£¨METC£© is the informationization management section of CAFUC. It functions as the integrated entity of informationization management, scientific education research, teaching information management, and the teaching appliances maintenance. METC consists 3 sections: the section of network and information, the section of educational techicque research, and the section of teaching facilities maintenance. METC has 21 staff members, including 1 senior engineer, 8 engineers, and 2 lecturers.

                METC's main function is:

                • (1)to plan and implement the university's informationization
                • (2)to construct, manage and maintain the campus network
                • (3)to establish the platform for modern educational techicque
                • (4)to develop related electronic softwares
                • (5)to instruc in application of the modern educational techicque nicque
                • (6)to develop the network-based classrooms and long-distance education
                • (7)to manage and maintain all the computer rooms,language labs and other multimedia classrooms