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                Three Categories of Scientific Research Fund

                1 National and CAAC Fund
                2 enterprise fund
                3 University fund

                Introduction of the National Scientific Research Fund: Civil Aviation Joint Research fund

                Civil Aviation Joint Research Fund was jointly established by the Natural Scientific Fund of China (NSFC) and Civil Aviation Administration of China (CAAC) in 2004. It aims to improve the scientific and technological innovation and application capability in China civil aviation industry. The application procedure is administrated by CAAC and NSFC. The Rest business is handled by the Civil Aviation Joint Research Fund Office.

                Introduction of the CAAC Scientific Research Fund

                CAAC now provides three kinds of research programs:

                1 Civil Aviation Soft Science Program
                Based on the Plan for Civil Aviation Soft Science of China, this program is to promote the theoretical innovation in the frontier of the civil aviation industry from the strategically perspective. It also encourages the application research to maintain the sustainable development in the civil aviation transportation. It aims to provide theoretical and scientific basis for the macro and strategically decision-making at the administrative and enterprises level.

                2 Civil Aviation Applied Scientific and technological program
                The program is to safeguard the safe operation of the civil aviation industry and improve the core competitive forces of the civil aviation enterprises.
                It focuses on the creation of innovation-oriented technology and supports programs with independent intellectual property rights to meet the need of China's civil aviation development.

                3 Key programs in Civil Aviation technological Innovation
                CAAC establishes this program to further shore up the civil aviation industry based on the scientific and educational development strategy. The program is to solve the bottleneck in key science and technology during the development of civil aviation industry. It focuses on the following fields: civil aviation operation safety, key equipments in air traffic control, aircraft maintenance, and civil aviation information system, airport engineering and other relevant fields.