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                • School of Dentistry building
                • Students in Simulation Lab
                • Clinic patient

                Civil Aviation Flight university of China

                To further advance our flight training, we currently have the following vacancies based in China:


                Foreign Flight Instructors:


                Minimum of 500 hrs instruction teaching, for the issue of current commercial licenses, instrument ratings, flight instructor licenses and first class medical certificate and above. We prefer to have those with CAAC or FAA commercial licenses and flight instructor licenses. Be fluent in Civil Aviation English. Under 45 years of age.


                Responsibilities: The successful candidate will do the flight instruction teaching and ground training on the pilot students according to CAAR141; accurately record the pilot students' training according to CAAR141 and the CAFUC flight standard requirement; test students by phases; carry out the CAFUC flight training accurately and fulfill other relative necessary work.


                For further details please contact:

                Mr. Ou Yangting on 0086-838-5183351

                Or ouyt@cafuc.edu.cn

                Include CV, the copies of relative licenses, the requirement on us and contact ways.




                TEL: 86-838-5183504, FAX: 86-838-5191777,EMAIL: wsb@cafuc.edu.cn